Gluten Free and Me

Welcome to my Blog

Hi! My name’s Ella. I’m 13 years old and around 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac disease an autoimmune disease that is triggered when you eat gluten. I live in Whitley Bay which is on the coast near Newcastle in North East England.

Before I was diagnosed I was very underweight and hated meal times. Another thing I’d like to say is that it took five doctors appointments for me to be given a blood test, then diagnosed. Anyway, this blog is to inform people about celiac and to help people who have just been diagnosed or have had celiac for all of their lives to find places to eat and countries that are good to visit with celiac.


My Diagnosis Story

I was diagnosed with celiac when I was around 10 or 11 years old so about 2 or 3 years ago. At the time of my diagnosis I was around 4″4 and 24kg so quite underweight. I was the smallest in the class but still got comments from my friends like shes easier to lift, I think this all contributed to my low self esteem now, but on with the story. I had lots of of symptoms including, multiple urine infections, nausea, stomach aches, stomach cramps, vomiting and being underweight. All of this caused my parents to take me to the doctors be they always thought I just had a bug we had to go 5 times before they did a blood test. When we got the results of the tests back from the GP it said I was Gluten Intolerant so we cut gluten out of my diet.

However it wasn’t that simple. We were then referred to a paediatrician at the general hospital in town. They told us I had to start eating gluten again so they could do another blood test to see if I had celiac disease, they they also prescribed me disgusting tasting iron medication. I ate gluten again and we had another blood test done, turned out I was celiac. They then explained everything and what it meant and honestly its fine its just sad I can’t eat Doritos.

Healthy Chewy Brownies (GF, Vegan, Low Fat)

looks good. This blog has quite a few gf recipes.

The Gastronomy Gal

Honestly, I’m just drooling over here because I made brownies that ARE HEALTHY and GLUTEN FREE??? How is that even possible? I mean fats and eggs make a brownie good; they give it texture. A plant based one honestly sounds unappealing. I honestly am very impressed with my experimentation because I have failed numerous times attempting to make healthy dessert. Somehow, this turned out to be a miracle and it somehow worked. My mind is blown and I want you all to try these brownies some time!!! I love chewy brownies, so I used my knowledge of food science to make the brownies quite chewy. The chewiness comes from the maple syrup used, and gives the brownies amazing texture.

The only downside to these brownies was that I did used granulated sugar. If I attempt making these with a non-refined sugar, I will post an updated recipe. I was hoping…

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Found a new place to eat!

soon it wont be an album cover it’ll be me 😂

When me and my family go into town its always a struggle to find somewhere to eat. So recently whitest we were in town we decided to go into pret a manger, I thought i wouldn’t be able to have anything or end up with a salad. But there was sandwiches,soup and gf bread with the soup. I was soooo happy and would definitely recommend!

What is Celiac Disease?

Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune disease. When someone with coeliac eats gluten (a protein found in wheat,barley and rye) they can feel sick, vomit or get bloated. When they eat gluten their immune system attacks the small intestine and the villi (small finger-like things that help absorb nutrients).

Symptoms include:
Stomach cramps/aches
Sudden/unexpected weight loss
Iron/vitamin B12/folic acid deficiency
Mouth ulcers
Skin rash

For more information you can visit the Coeliac UK website.